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Aging gracefully



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Embracing Our Age

 Spiritual Practices

Healing From Within

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Choosing my religion Many women find their faith early in life. Perhaps they grew up in a household where going to church every Sunday was a part of life. It was expected and dutifully followed. In many ways, I feel that they are lucky to have a foundation for their faith. It is much easier […]


Finding Spirituality Later in Life

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New Fears vs. Old Fears Anyone who claims that they have never been deeply hurt or had any fears is lying to you and themselves. No one and mean no one gets through life without experiencing both. It is part of the human condition, and it’s not going away anytime soon. We are hard-wired to […]

Mental Health

How to Heal Emotional Pain

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Realizations Later In Life The process of life has a way of changing how we see ourselves. Women, in order to survive the journey, have to constantly adjust themselves and often in doing so lose sight of whom they really are. Most of us don’t come to this realization until later in life usually due […]


The Power of Going Within

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