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Aging gracefully



mental health


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Embracing Our Age

 Spiritual Practices

Healing From Within

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What’s in your closet? You can learn a lot about a woman by her closet. Some are, tidy, and arranged by color while others are in disarray with heaps of clothes that didn’t quite make it onto a hangar. I think that the way we feel about our aging bodies has an impact on how […]

Aging Gracefully

Time to Face the Music and your Closet?

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New Fears vs. Old Fears Anyone who claims that they have never been deeply hurt or had any fears is lying to you and themselves. No one and mean no one gets through life without experiencing both. It is part of the human condition, and it’s not going away anytime soon. We are hard-wired to […]

Mental Health

How to Heal Emotional Pain

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Pressure Everywhere Just look around…it’s everywhere. On your television, the intranet, billboards, magazines covers and quite possibly standing next to you. It’s the image of a youthful, beautiful woman. She is used to getting your attention, seeking your adoration, and eliciting feelings of hope. Everything about her is perceived to be fleeting, precious, and powerful. […]

Aging Gracefully

Beauty Through the Ages

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The price of living longer It is true that in most countries, life expectancy increases every year. In 2020 the life expectancy for a male was 70 years, and a woman is 73 years. Across the globe, women are expected to live about 3 years longer than men. It is up for great debate the […]

Mental Health

Women Need to Allow Themselves to Grieve

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Early Friendships Most female friendships start in college and during the early years of marriage. Some women are fortunate and develop long-lasting friendships in high school or as far back as childhood. I was not one of those lucky women. I have always been perplexed by this and have often wondered what traits it takes […]


Female Friendships Through Life

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Realizations Later In Life The process of life has a way of changing how we see ourselves. Women, in order to survive the journey, have to constantly adjust themselves and often in doing so lose sight of whom they really are. Most of us don’t come to this realization until later in life usually due […]


The Power of Going Within

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Stigmas from the past For most of you reading this, you are old enough to remember how divorced women over forty were depicted in the ’60s and ’70s. They were classified as failures relating to femininity, family, stability, and morality. That is a long list of the most important things in life or what society […]


There is Life For Divorced Women Over Fifty

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