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Aging gracefully



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Embracing Our Age

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Thinking About Going Grey?

Aging Gracefully

July 23, 2021

Grey Hair Happens For a Reason

As we age, Mother Nature has a way of softening our appearance. Our hair turns

grey in an attempt to create a softening halo around our faces that is succumbing to

gravity and the loss of moisture and collagen. A darker, more full mane of hair might

be too harsh to contrast to the signs of aging like wrinkles, saggy skin, and age spots.

I am sure that Mother Nature thought this one out, but my mirror said otherwise.

The Upside of Going Grey

The decision to stop coloring one’s hair is not for the faint of heart. It’s for women

who are tired of spending time and money trying to keep three steps ahead of their

grey roots. As the frequency of salon visits increases, so does the cost. There is a

sense of freedom breaking free from this endless cycle, not to mention more money

in your wallet.

There is Help and Support Out There

When I decided to let my grey take over, it was both scary and liberating. During this

awkward and, at times, humiliating process, I scanned the intranet, trying to find my

“Going Grey Tribe.” There are plenty of bloggers and Facebook Groups out there

dedicated to helping women embrace their age, hair color, and the painstaking

process of going grey or “au natural.” They offer tips on grey hairstyles, photos of

different outgrowth stages, and plenty of encouragement and support.

Now is the Perfect Time

I think it’s important for you to know what to really expect. First of all, the beginning

stages of outgrowth aren’t bad. But there comes the point when it’s obvious what

you’re doing, which brings about stares and double-takes from well-meaning

Strangers. What I found fascinating is that Millenials loved my two-tone hair color. I

actually think some of them thought I did it on purpose! This is a good time to do

this partly due to all the crazy hair colors out there, and surprisingly many young

women are choosing grey! With any luck, perhaps we can blend in.

This Impacts Your Overall Look

The truth is this will impact your clothing, make-up, and self-esteem. You might find

that the warm color tones in your makeup and wardrobe now clash with the cool

tone of your grey hair. If there were ever a good reason to update your wardrobe,

this is it. Your skin tone against your grey or white hair can wreak havoc with your

expensive make-up collection. And last but not least, you might feel that you are not

as attractive or youthful-looking. Hopefully, you have friends and family around you

telling you the truth. The truth is that they admire you and think that you are a

strong, beautiful woman.

The Grey Movement Is Here

I am proud today of my decision to embrace both my grey and my age. I will not say

that it’s been an easy road, but it continues to get easier like most things in life. I am

also proud of our culture today that encourages people to be themselves, and that

beauty comes in different colors, sizes, and shapes. Maybe I had the courage to go

grey because of this new way of thinking. Regardless of the reason, I am glad that I

joined the “Grey Revolution.” I am not here to recruit anyone, but it is a loving

community of authentic and amazing women.

The Joy of Accepting Your Age

You won’t miss spending hundreds of dollars, monthly visits to the hair salon, or the

constant upkeep of covering your grey. The process can be liberating and can help

you accept yourself and your age. There is a huge sense of empowerment being who

you are and having the courage to share it with the world. As women, we are

barraged with images on television, the intranet, and magazines of what beauty is

and what it should look like. I can’t and frankly don’t want to look like the young

women depicted in the media. I would rather have my short grey hair and the laugh

lines and wrinkles etched into my skin from years of living and laughter. Maybe it’s

about time that is considered beautiful, too.

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Aging gracefully



mental health


Reading suggestions

Embracing Our Age

 Spiritual Practices

Healing From Within